Your heart beats too fast? Stop tachycardia in less than 1 minute!

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They are recommended two very simple ways to be performed in less than a minute, which will help your heart slow down.

This often happens they have problems in the heartbeat, due to stress or simply without reason.

This is a phenomenon that happens equally in ladies and men of any age, this feeling is too uncomfortable and we always want to stop very quickly.

1. Deep breathing that lasts very long.

Breathe deep until you can not incorporate more air, then quickly remove the air from the lungs. Repeat until enough is enough!. When breathing is deep, slow down the heart and will to breathe until the lungs can not give more, I mean much more than deep breathing.Only in this way you can start your heart rate.

2. Method with very cold water.

This method helps stimulate the nerves that act on the delay heartbeat. When you are with your face in cold water the reflection body divers, and is the rapid reduction in heart rate that are so important.

It’s the same reflex that helps these people to survive in a very long period in cold water as it starts the body’s metabolism.

Cold water is needed, it is much better, a plastic container filled with ice cubes of barios

When the pulse is rapid take a deep breath and then dip your face in cold water and remain in that position everything possible.

Tachycardia occurs without any movement, it is very dangerous for the person who has it, can be a symptom of a heart attack is heart failure. and will cause reactions in your body such as fatigue, and rest.

You can also pass without apparent or perhaps as one of the normal reactions of people suffering from fatigue, hypothyroidism or stress reason. Anyway, it is very important to stop the tachycardia.

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