YOUNG GREEN WALNUTS IN HONEY: Improves Your Blood Count, Rejuvenates You and Cures Your Thyroid Gland


    This powerful combination establishes physical and energetic balance, increases hormonal activity, has positive effect on thyroid problems, restores the cells and neutralizes toxins.

    Young green walnuts (Juglandis Immature fructus) include high amounts of vitamin C, iodine and many other vitamins. They syrup prepared of these walnuts and honey is usually given to patients, weak and ill children and anemic persons.

    When combined with honey, young green walnuts have positive effect in case of anemia and promote cleansing of the liver, stomach and blood.

    This syrup is also beneficial for the thyroid gland and its function, diseases of the throat and respiratory tract-especially for bronchitis, improves the immune system, relieves the problems caused by menopause, obesity and chronic respiratory disease.


    • 40 young green walnuts (in crust)
    • 1 kg of organic honey


    Wash the young walnuts, dry them and cut them in four pieces. Put these pieces in some glass jar and add the honey. Close the jar well and leave it at some sunny spot for 1 month. Shake the jar occasionally.

    The walnuts will release their healing content, making the honey darker and thinner. You should remove the walnuts once the period of 1 month is finished. The liquid is your cure.

    Keep your remedy in some dark and cool area.


    You should consume 1 teaspoon on a daily basis, preferably in the morning.

    You should use gloves when cutting young walnuts in order to avoid darkening of your fingers.

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