You Will Not Believe that this Food Can Cure Pneumonia


    A recent study has shown that a particular vitamin is essential in treating pneumonia and how important are antioxidants for our health.

    As it is emphasized vitamin E can be rather helpful in accelerating the healing of pneumonia, especially in older people. Therefore, if god forbids you develop this disease, make sure to consume additional amounts of green vegetables, fish, avocados, olive oil, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds and other nuts.

    You Will Not Believe that this Food Can Cure Pneumonia

    Pneumonia is the most common result of pneumococcal infection and the bacteria streptococcus pneumonia, and for protection the most important are neutrophils – a type of white blood cell. Given the fact that the aging process is often accompanied by impaired function of neutrophils, people older than 65 according to the professional journal “Immunology “, are at higher risk of complications.

    That is why, experts say, the study used older mice, which four weeks before they were exposed on pneumococcal bacteria, were divided into two groups that received two different doses of vitamin E. The control group received the recommended dose, while the experimental received a higher dose of vitamin E, which would in humans be equivalent intake of 200 international units per day.

    The results showed that, compared with the control group, mice that were given higher doses of vitamin E, after two days of pneumococcal infection had even a thousand times smaller number of bacteria in the lungs and twice fewer neutrophils.

    This resulted in a significantly reduced damage on the lung tissue, and it was observed that the experimental group copes with the infection more like young mice.

    The study’s authors concluded that the results have potential clinical significance and that the role of vitamin E supplements in the fight against pneumonia should be further examined and in people as well. Until then, it remains to practice healthy eating habits.

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