You Will Never Throw Away Rice Water After Reading These 8 Miracle Benefits

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There are many household products that can boast of benefits that we can’t even think of. One of them is definitely rice water. Without any exaggeration we can say it is definitely one of the best kept beauty secrets of our culture. Most of us toss the water after the rice is done, right? In this article, we will reveal a lot about rice water that will make you think twice before throwing it down your sink. First of all, rice water is rich in beauty minerals and vitamins that are extremely good for both your skin and hair. Here are some of those things that you can do with rice water.


 How to prepare rice water:

  • Take some organic rice and boil it in distilled water
  • Pour the excess water in a glass jar
  • Cover it and store it in the refrigerator
  • Once cooled, you can use it for different purposes

 For Good Skin

  • Wash your face with water
  • Now take a cotton pad and dip it in your already prepared rice water
  • Apply it all over your face like a toner

This will tighten your pores by bringing a glow to your face. It also acts as a moisturiser and antioxidant and comes with UV-absorbing properties. Our skin tends to form a layer of copper on it and rice water binds this formation and in turn prevents hyper-pigmentation and age spots.

Great Hair

  • Shampoo your hair properly
  • After this apply some rice water to your hair
  • Leave it for a few minutes and wash it off

The proteins in the rice will strengthen your hair by filling in the cracks. Say hello to smooth and shiny hair.

Skin Irritation and Inflammation

  • Prepare a good quantity of rice water
  • Take at least a 15-minute bath in rice water twice a day

This remedy will cure rashes and other annoying skin irritations.

Health Benefits

Drinking rice water has been associated with the overall wellness of your health. The 8 essential amino acids that it contains help in your body’s tissue and muscle regeneration. It also makes you feel more energetic for it is high on carbohydrates.

Acne Healer

If you’re suffering from acne then apply some rice water on the area with a cotton ball. This remedy will treat the outburst of acne and reduce the redness on your skin.


Apply cooled rice water on the skin area that’s affected with eczema. Do this regularly to start seeing the difference. The starch components in rice water are highly effective in curing the adverse effects of eczema on your skin.

Curing Diarrhoea

  • Take cooked rice water in a glass
  • Apply a pinch of salt to it
  • Mix it well to make a homogenous solution

Drinking this solution during diarrhoea is highly effective and expedites the treatment process.

Starching White Clothes

  • Take your white clothes and soak them in rice water
  • Dilute the rice water by adding more water
  • Keep them for a few minutes and wash them off

In Kerala, people use this method to maintain their white clothes. Dry your clothes after washing them with rice water to see them turn wrinkle free and firm. As if you’ve just bought them!

Apart from all these benefits, make sure you drink water on a daily basis to boost your system. It will provide you with the much needed energy and keep you pumped up for the entire day. So, next time you are about to throw away the rice water, do think of all these benefits that it comes with.

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