You Will Be Shocked What Will Come Out Of Your Intestines! Dine This For 3 Days!


    This meal cleanses the fecal accumulations from your intestines and thus reduces the body weight. It is also important that this meal regulates the acidic levels in your stomach.

    The basic ingredients in this “vitamin salad” (vegetables and green leafy vegetables) enrich the organism with vitamins and minerals and are rich source of fibers and pectin.

    This is the reason why this salad cleanses your intestines very effectively. The removal of the fecal accumulations automatically will reduce your body weight. Also, because some ingredients in this salad are low in calories, the consummation of this salad for dinner will allow you to get rid of the fat accumulations.

    Ingredients required:

    • Cabbage
    • Beetroot
    • Carrot
    • Green leafy vegetable
    • Lemon juice
    • Oil


    Grate the cabbage, beetroot and the carrot in 3:1:1 ratio.

    Add spices by your choice (parsley, basil, oregano). Press the vegetable gently in order to release the juice. Add the lemon juice and if you like garlic you can add one crumpled garlic clove.

    Add a little bit of vegetable oil (olive oil is recommended).

    You shouldn’t add salt in this salad and in case you cannot give up from the salty taste, you should use soy sauce, which has highly nutritional value and contains a little bit of salt.

    Note: if your stomach lacks of gastric acids, the cabbage  is not recommended for consummation.

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