You Want to Eat a Hot Dog? Then Read This and You May Change Your Mind!

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– All types of sausages are filled with sodium and fat
Do you want to eat hot dogs with lots of ketchup and mustard? Although maybe is delicious, this sandwich has negative effects on your body…

You Want to Eat a Hot Dog,Then Read This and You May Change Your Mind!
1. Causes fatty deposits
Hot Dogs are not something that a nutritionist would recommend because they have many calories. Combined with a white bun, add another 100 calories directly converted to fat on your stomach.
2. Rich in sodium
All types of frankfurters are full of sodium and fat. There isn’t something that can be named as – a healthy hot dog, not only because it creates fat deposits, but because with consuming it you increase sodium intake, which is not healthy.
3. Chicken Hot Dog is not healthy
If you have decided on chicken or turkey hot dogs because you think they have less fat, maybe you’re right, but of course you have to be careful because most producers rather than natural fats, add salt. For example, turkey hot dogs contain 2 grams of saturated fat and 99 calories, but have 500 mg of salt, and chicken ones have even 600 mg of salt, almost a third of the recommended daily intake. And if you add the ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, the amount of salt intake increases even more.
4. Rich in nitrates
Hot dogs are also rich in nitrates and nitrites, additives that prolong the shelf life of these foods. The increased intake of nitrates is associated with an increased risk of getting cancer.
5. They don’t have organic origin
It is very difficult to find out if the meat used in hot dogs is from organically raised animals (HACCP & HALAL), which were not treated with antibiotics or hormones.
6. Not recommended for pregnant women
In hot dogs the bacteria listeria can be found that causes listeriosis. This disease can lead to miscarriage, birth of dead babies, and many other serious health problems.

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