You Should Stop These 5 Bad Habits After Meals

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Habits are difficult to change and when it comes to bad habits, getting rid of them is even more difficult. There are several facts and myths associated with after eating habits. We know most of you must be torn between facts and myths and are tired of wondering which is true and which isn’t. You don’t have to keep worrying anymore because we are here to help you out. We will list out some of the worst habits that most of us indulge in after having a hearty meal. These habits are the worst abuses that you can do to your body and can cause extreme harm. Below is a list of some of those common mistakes that most do after having their meals.

Having a cigarette

Lighting up a cigarette after having a meal is one of the most common habits of almost all smokers. According to experts, nothing can be worse than a post-meal cigarette. Studies have shown that a post-mean cigarette causes the same amount of damage to your body as that of 10 cigarettes. This is because during this time our digestive system is at its peak and the nicotine tends to bind to the blood oxygen.

Going for a shower

Taking a bath is another bad habit that many indulge in after having a meal. Most of us these days have reversed the order of taking a bath and then having our meals. This is not really something good to get used to. This is because once we are done with our meal; the blood flow needs to be stimulated towards the stomach. However, a shower exactly does the opposite of this. It delays the process of digestion as the blood around the stomach flows to other parts of the body, especially towards your hands and feet. This hinders digestion and can also lead to more complicated health issues. You should at least wait for half an hour before taking a shower after your meal.

Having fruits

We all know that fruits get easily digested. In fact most of them get digested in as less as 20 minutes. So that should be case even after we consume them after our meals, right? Not really! If you have a fruit immediately after your meal, it remains in the stomach undigested for a long time. It can cause decay, release gases and other toxins and can also lead to the formation of cellulite. Hence, it’s best if you have your fruit in empty stomach or at least two hours before or after your meal.

Drinking tea

There’s no doubt that a cup of tea is packed with several benefits. However it should be remembered that the acidic nature of tea leaves can adversely affect the process of digestion. The acid in tea leaves hardens interferes with the protein content, making them hard and difficult to digest. The polyphenols also makes it difficult for the body to absorb the iron from the food. Thus, make sure you keep a gap of at least an hour before you have your cup of tea after a meal.


Going for a nap after a meal is a big ‘no’. Although you might start to feel sleepy after your meal, you should not do that as it has a direct impact on your digestion. The moment you lie down, the digestive juices start to flow away from the stomach resulting in intestinal inflammation. This is also the reason why you would end up getting a burning sensation in your mouth if you sleep immediately after having a hearty meal. This way, you’re doing nothing but putting additional pressure on your diaphragm.

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