You Should Eat In Front of a Mirror- Here is Why!!!!

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A new study showed that a mirror in the dining room or kitchen can affect the amount of food you consume which on the other hand can help you in losing weight.

Researchers from Cornell University concluded that eating junk food in front of the mirror affect its taste. Namely, it becomes tasteless.

You Should Eat In Front of a Mirror- Here is Why!!!!

They conducted a study in which 185 students participated. They chose between chocolate cakes and fruit salads, and then half of them ate in a room where there was a mirror, while the other half ate in a room without a mirror.

Then they evaluated the taste of food, and those who ate the cake before mirror found the cake less tasty compared to those who did it in another room without a mirror.

On the other hand, the students who selected fruit salad claimed that there was no difference in the taste.

The mirror not only makes people to be aware about their physical appearance. It allows them to perceive themselves accurately – said one of the researchers.

In other words, looking into a mirror while eating unhealthy food, in humans causes discomfort because of the well- known health standards (in this case, sugar is bad for health).

The researchers therefore believe that the mirror can help people to consume healthier foo

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