You Just Need To Press This Point For 1 Minute and Something Amazing Will Happen! Find Out What!

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Have you ever felt a sudden and unexpected rapid heart beating?

In those moments you feel frightened and anxious, and you have the feeling that you will faint or suffer a heart attack.

You Just Need To Press This Point For 1 Minute and Something Amazing Will Happen! Find Out What!

This feeling is known as a strong tachycardia, and in most cases is nothing  serious.

But it also may be a sign of heart problems which appear due to anxiety, and usually appear in people who are nervous and who are under stress.

This problem can be treated with acupressure therapy which will help with complete relaxation of the body and it will increase blood circulation as well.

“Sea of ​​Tranquillity” is one of the vital acupressure points which helps in reducing anxiety, nervousness and palpitation of the heart. This point is located in the middle of the breastbone, three thumbs below the lower edge of the bone.

To stimulate this point, simply press it firmly with your thumb for 1-2 minutes while breathing deeply, slowly and evenly.
This will reduce the muscle tension, emotional disturbances, nervousness, anxiety, depression and hysteria. It also helps in the treatment of asthma, cough, mastitis and sore throat.

Another important point of acupressure and acupuncture for reducing anxiety is called “third eye” located on the forehead, right between your eyebrows.

To stimulate this point, you need to close your eyes and gently press this point for 1 minute. During this treatment the breathing should be deep, slow and even.

In this way you will calm down your whole body as well as the symptoms linked with anxiety, and it can also help against insomnia, headaches, eye problems, dizziness and nasal congestion.

So stimulate these two points to relax your senses and calm down your mind and body.

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