Wrinkles Can Tell a Lot of Things about Your Overall Health!

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– Is it wise to “iron” face wrinkles?

Skin wrinkles are visible signs of aging. Today there are numerous cosmetic products and processes that occasionally can “neutralize” them. But is it wise to “iron” the face wrinkles?

The answer is- Not always, because sometimes they can indicate serious problems.

Wrinkles Can Tell a Lot of Things about Your Overall Health


Deep wrinkles can be a sign of poor bone density.

In a research carried out on 100 women aged between 40 and 50 years, scientists have found a connection between the depth of their wrinkles and bone density. Probably, it is because the bones and skin contain a common ingredient – collagen, which decreases with aging.


Wrinkles can also indicate that you consume too much sugar. Sugar binds to proteins in the body and produces complex substances that destroy the collagen and elastin, which causes wrinkles to appear on your face. If you cannot live without sweets, then replace them with fruit, especially oranges and mangoes.

The early stage of heart disease

Diagonal wrinkles that occur on the earlobes, can sometimes indicate early stages of heart problems. These diagonal wrinkles are also known as “Franc sign” and are named after the scientist T. Sanderson Franco who discovered them in 1973. These wrinkles appear as a result of dysfunction of the blood capillaries in the earlobes, indicating a change in the blood flow through the heart.


Wrinkles also occur due to stress. Those who are constantly under stress and often change their mood usually get wrinkles on the forehead. The consequences of stress are not only visible on your forehead, and appear because the stress hormone that is secreted in such situations, destroys the collagen.

  High blood pressure

Women who look youthful generally have low blood pressure. It is also noted that women and men who live longer have fewer wrinkles on the hands.

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