Unlike the healthy cells, the cancer cells can convert their energy from glycolysis without oxygen.

    Sugar has significant effect on the development of cancer cells in the organism, and still, it is consumed by many in high amounts.

    A recent research has been conducted by the scientists at the University of California in San Francisco.

    It has been discovered that an ingredient found in various types of foods, is related to more than 35 millions of deaths all over the world every year. The scientists concluded that the sugar is a cause for many health conditions like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypoglycemia, heart disease, cancer, etc.

    A study conducted at the Cancer Institute in Iowa, USA, discovered that the sugar is one of the main causes for tumor development. Tumor cells are using much more glucose than the normal cells. Other studies have proved that people who have higher glucose levels have increased risk of developing cancer.

    It is a fact that our organism needs glucose – form of sugar that is transformed into energy. Cancer cells can survive with simple carbohydrates, including the refined sugar which is found in the processed foods and sweets.

    The process in which glucose is converted into pyruvic acid and can no longer provide the healthy cells with energy is known as glycolysis.

    Unlike the healthy cells, the cancer cells are capable of converting their energy in the process of glycolysis without oxygen. This process is named anaerobic glycolysis. This process produces waste products similar to lactic acid.

    This type of lactic acid can be decomposed in the liver, and the waste product of this process is glucose which feeds the cancer cells. The glucose is in the blood all the time which allows the cancer to grow continuously.

    The experts state that refined sugars are related with cancer for two reasons:

    1. They are potential cause of cancer
    2. They are the best “food” for the cancer cells

    In order to prevent your health you should consider the amount of sugar you are consuming and try to reduce the intake of refined sugars as much as possible.

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