What Does it Mean When Your Hands Shake? Read and Find Out

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– Physiological tremor or serious illness?

Are your hands shaking? What is the cause?

Probably nothing. Temporal “instability” in the hands is normal in every person, and is called physiological tremor. These normal vibrations can sometimes deteriorate, mostly from consuming too much coffee or by too much stress.

What Does it Mean When Your Hands Shake,Read and Find Out

Skipping meals or taking certain medications can also make your hands shake.

Also, it is possible to suffer from essential tremor, safe (but frustrating) disease that usually occurs in people aged between 40s-50s. About half of people with this problem have a family member who has had this problem.
The condition can be treated with medication, but many people feel quite well without them. Rarely, the tremor may be a sign of a neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.

If your hands are shaking even when they are at rest or if you notice a problem with balance and coordination, it would be best to run neurological tests.

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