Use 30 drops of these tinctures to relieve anxiety, insomnia, and PAIN!

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Medicinal plants have a lot of beneficial health and one of the best ways to take advantage of the healing properties of plants properties is through tinctures and essential oils because all assets and potential of plants principles are preserved.

Tinctures are a method of extracting the active principles of a plant and this technique, used since ancient times, is a very common practice of alternative medicine to treat a multitude of ailments and health conditions because of its effectiveness medicine.

Today we will explain how effective tinctures and 3 tinctures to treat anxiety, insomnia and pain are prepared completely natural way.

For the preparation of tinctures, you need:

-1 Glass jar half liter.

-alcohol Consumable 80 degrees as vodka or rum.



Fill the glass jar halfway with herbs ready to use and pour a little boiling water over them just to moisten.

Then fill the jar with alcohol and mix with a wooden spoon.

Close the glass jar and store in a cool dry place for at least 3 weeks and shake the bottle daily.

Standing time elapsed Strain the mixture and store in a jar with lid labeling to know its contents.

Taking a tincture

The best way to make a tincture is by applying a few drops under the tongue and enter the properties directly into the bloodstream. Should avoid consuming any liquid at least 15 minutes after application.

The dyes can also be taken by adding them to the tea or with a little lemon juice and honey.

Note: Caution should be exercised because some dyes can not be used topically.

  1. Tincture to treat anxiety.

Prepare a tincture following the method that we have explained skullcap, a plant belonging to the mint family with sedative and relaxing properties that helps treat anxiety, muscle tension and promotes calm.

How to use:

Take 20 to 40 drops of this tincture a few times a day and especially before bedtime.


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