Three Typical Female Problems and Their Solution!

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You have a severe headache? You are afraid and have negative thoughts? Relax slowly. Some symptoms can cause panic attacks.

Three Typical Female Problems and Their Solution!2

Problem 1: Constantly tired

If you are  employed woman with average salary and plus you need to take care of your sick mother, the most common cause of fatigue is lack of sleep and free time. The second reason may be lack of iron in the blood due to heavy menstrual cycles. If you think you have chronic fatigue syndrome, keep in mind that it is really difficult situation and is not like an ordinary fatigue.

What you can do: Take time off and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

When to visit a doctor: If fatigue is accompanied by pain and weight loss.

Problem 2: Persistent headaches

Do not even think that you have serious problems. It is more likely, especially if the pain starts at the end of the day, that you suffer from tension headache that occurs due to stress and causes contraction of head and neck muscles.

What you can do: If you suffer from tension headache, it is necessary to solve the problem that causes it, for example, stress, back pain or eyestrain. You can relieve the pain if you take a lock of hair near the painful area and slowly pull it and twirl it within a few seconds. In that way you will stimulate the blood flow into the skull and the pain will alleviate.


When to visit a doctor: When headaches are accompanied by pain in the limbs or if you have vision problems immediately visit a doctor.

Problem 3: Heavy menstrual cycle

In this case, probably the hormones are the problem. It is more likely that the previous periods were very weak or there was even an absence of menstruation.

What you can do: Wait for the following period, because the problem may be temporary.

When you visit a doctor: If the problem lasts more than 3 months or you have lost too much blood.

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