Swollen legs occur as a result of water retention in our body. This condition can be very painful and it is caused by:

    • PMS
    • Pregnancy
    • Poor circulation
    • Excessive consummation of processed foods and foods rich in sodium
    • Lazy lifestyle or sitting for too long
    • Side effects of some medicines

    In case of occasional swellings, you can use some plant based natural remedies which will free you from the excess liquids and reduce the swellings. One of those extremely effective natural remedies is parsley, which has been used by the Hippocrates himself.

    According to some studies, parsley prevents many diseases including asthma, allergies, menstrual pain, urinary tract problems, digestive disorders, and can be very useful in the fight against bronchitis, improves breathing, reduces blood pressure and improves the bone health.

    A study conducted in Brazil confirmed that this plant increases urinary flow and reduces the blood pressure in the same time.

    Dr. John R. Christopher, America’s most famous herbalist, suggests that we should consume 2 liters of parsley tea on a daily basis in order to get rid of the swellings. When preparing this tea you should use the fresh light-green leaves together with the root and the seeds.

    Tear off the leaves and the roots. Fill ¼ cup with the leaves and roots and pour them with boiling water. Leave it to stay for 5-7 minutes. You can also add lemon and honey for better taste.

    You should drink the tea while it’s still warm for the best results.

    In addition to the consummation of this drink, you should do some leg exercises in order to stimulate the liquid in the legs to go towards the heart. You should also lift your legs higher when lying in your bed.

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