Everyone who have been suffered urinary infections knows how much painful and persistent this infection can be. The constant feeling that you need to urinate although you cannot do it, stabbing pain and pressure. And once you start to urinate, it is extremely painful. But there are some natural antibiotics that can be very helpful against bladder inflammation.

    Every 5th woman gets bladder inflammation every year, and every 2nd gets affected by this health condition at least once in a lifetime. The infection is caused by E.Coli. In most of the cases the ailment disappears by itself. But, you should visit your doctor if the symptoms of cystitis – visiting the toilet frequently and strong pain while urinating, last longer than 36 hours or you are noticing blood in your urine, pain in the back, fever or increased body temperature. You should also visit your doctor if the cystitis appears frequently or if you are pregnant.

    In order to solve this problem naturally you should use one of the most powerful natural antibiotics. It will remove this unpleasant problem in the first treatment.

    Although many bacteria can return as a boomerang, some natural remedies can prevent this from happening.

    When 4 powerful natural ingredients, each with its calming effects are combined, we get powerful remedy which has been proven as the most effective for the people who are fighting against E.Coli for years.


    Mixed in the proper ratio, parsley root, lemon, honey and olive oil will eliminate the annoying bacteria with their powerful antibiotic and antiviral properties.


    8.8 oz / 250 grams of parsley root

    8.8 oz / 250 grams of unpeeled lemon

    8.8 oz / 250 grams of honey

    6,7 fl oz / 2 dcl of olive oil


    The parsley root and lemon with its peel should be chopped finely and then combine all the ingredients in your blender. Blend them well and you get homogenous composition which should be refrigerated. You should consume 1 tablespoon of this remedy every morning. When you run out of your remedy, the bacteria should be already eliminated.

    Note: You should buy your honey from trusted supplier because it is very important to use organic honey for this remedy. The lemons shouldn’t be exposed to chemicals, meaning that they must be organic as well. If you cannot find organic lemons, you should leave them to stay in a mixture from cold water and baking soda for a while. Then you can wash them well. You should also wash the parsley root as well.

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