This happens when dry LUNGS your clothes inside the home!

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Surely during winter days he has put dry your freshly washed into clothes home, but this practice has been studied by medical experts from England who warn in their study that drying clothes inside the house may be the cause many respiratory problems.

Drying clothes indoors favors the humidity in your home and thus favors the appearance of mold and other fungi that thrive in humid environments.

When drying clothes inside or near a radiator, water clothing evaporates and causes the air in your home is wetter and can increase humidity up to 30%, which experts say this excess moisture creates ideal growing conditions for mold spores and dust mites that can cause infections and respiratory problems, which can be serious for people with asthma or allergies.

According to researchers at the National Center aspergillosis in Manchester, this bad habit of drying clothes indoors, in spaces that are not well ventilated, it may be the main reason that many patients receive treatment for aspergillosis due to spores fungus Aspergillus who they have inhaled.

Although many people who are frequently exposed to aspergillus are already immune or have a healthy immune system to cope with infections that cause, in the case of people with a weakened immune system or people suffering from asthma, infections caused by this fungus can have serious side effects on the lungs.


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