Some people are capable of undergoing dental surgery without anesthesia, while other people cannot even think about ordinary blood extraction. The pain is subjective feeling, but the following types of pain will make the strongest people to cry.

    Damaged Nerve

    The pain that descends from the nerve is the most severe type of pain, according to the Professor Allan Basbaum. Just remind yourself when the dentist will touch your nerve while processing your tooth.. These pains occur in sudden waves and are terrible, so the patient live in constant fear from the next wave of pain. Basbaum revels that this pain is evaluated with 15 on the scale of 1 to 10.


    Extreme Headaches

    The experts evaluate this pain as worse than giving birth without anesthesia, fractures or gunshot wounds.

    “They remind themselves of the worst ever pains they experienced, and then they claim it is even worse”, says the neurologist Peter Goadsby. Around 15% of the population is affected by migraine while only 0.1% of extreme headaches.

    Kidney Stones

    Strong pain in the back and around it, which expands towards the stomach, nausea, vomiting and unpleasant odor of the urine are the symptoms of this condition. Fortunately, this condition can be treated with fluid intake in the body and surgery. People who experienced this type of pain claim that this is the strongest pain they have ever felt.


    Trigeminal Neuralgia

    This pain is considered as one of the strongest that the human body can experience and affects the nerve that sends messages from the center of the face to the brain, which results with sharp pain in the patient’s face. The pain is so strong that the patients are able to remember the exact moment and place when they felt it for the first time. It is often described as electro-shock, lighting strike or tearing.


    Most of the people who experienced amputation have the so-called “phantom extremity”. In fact, in this condition the brain feels like the removed extremity is still part of the body because it cannot sense the deficiency, only the pain in the spot of the removed extremity. The patient starts to feel itching, pain, burning sensation, tension, feel like they are trapped or moving and dry or wet. Some scientists believe that the brain has some kind of nerve map in the body and it sends signals in the extremity whether they exist or not. Phantom feelings can occur during removal of other parts of our body, including breast, tooth or eye removal.


    Burnings on the skin cause constant pain which worsens when the skin stretches because the harmed nerves are underneath. In addition, the cleaning of the damaged skin causes severe pain as well.



    The sharp pain that lasts from one to five hours, and is followed by vomiting and fever is known as gallbladder attack. The symptoms are similar as with kidney stone, but the gallstone is made of cholesterol, not from calcium. The healthy diet and regular exercising reduce the risk get affected by these two conditions.


    Every woman has different experience with the childbirth, but this type of pain is often used as measurement for the other pains.

    “I had a gallbladder attack, twisting on the floor in agony, then the nurse told me that this is the worst pain ever and she felt it just before delivery”, says Dr. Basbaum.

    The good thing in childbirth is that it is not an ailment and the pain is gone once the baby is born.

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