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The renal nephrons filtrate five liters of water included in our blood every 45 minutes.


Healthy body can eject around 2 liters of waste in form of urine in a period of 24 hours. This natural detoxification may be seriously disturbed in four ways.

The kidneys regulate our blood pressure, water and electrolyte balance and eliminate the harmful substances from our body. Kidneys are vital organs in our body and if we like them to maintain their function, we must keep them safe from any harm and get rid of the following habits!

  1. Frequent Use of Painkillers

Frequent use of painkillers, especially in large quantities has negative effect on the tissue and the structure of our kidneys. There isn’t any difference between the medicals prescribed by the doctor and those who aren’t prescribed, they are all harmful for our kidneys and can cause reduced blood flow in the kidneys. Nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs which are used for killing pain and reducing high temperature are the main cause for this.

Many cases of chronic kidney failure are caused by increased use of painkillers. Some drugs against increased blood pressure could have the similar effect.

  1. Cigarettes

You already know that the cigarettes are very bad for your lungs and heart, but you should also be aware that they are very harmful for your kidneys as well. According to some researches, the smokers tend to have proteins in their urine, which is a clear sign that their kidneys aren’t working well.

Diseases that affect the function of our kidneys, like diabetes and hypertension also worsen the tendency for cigarettes and the smokers often need dialysis or kidney transplantation.

  1. Diet Rich in Sugar

Too much sugar causes health issues, like diabetes and obesity which are risk factors for kidney disease. Reduce the intake of sugar in your body and you will decrease the risk of these ailments. Less refined sugars means less calories, chemicals and salts in your organism and your waist and kidneys will be grateful for this decision!

  1. High Amounts of Salts

Eating salty food could increase the blood pressure. High blood pressure damages the kidneys, which eventually will lead to kidney failure. While the usual American diet contains around 3.300 mg of salts per day, the health associations recommend daily intake of 2.300 mg of salt or 1 teaspoon of salt.

Those who suffer from hypertension and kidney disease should consume less salt-around 1.500 mg per day. You should reduce the intake of processed foods for a good start.

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