These Few Conditions May Indicate Serious Illnesses: Do NOT Ignore Them!


Some of these signs are not dangerous  if they appear rare and are soon gone. Otherwise, you should see a doctor.

If your body sends a message that some parts of the body do not function properly, do not ignore this message, be sure to see your doctor as soon as possible.

These Few Conditions May Indicate Serious Illnesses Do NOT Ignore Them!

  1. You’re losing weight, and you are not on a diet

If you suddenly lose weight 10 -20 pounds or more than five percent of your weight during the period of six months, see your doctor because this weight loss is a sign that something is wrong.

  1. Long-term stomach pain.

Stomach pain can be caused by a number of factors, from problems with the digestive system, stomach ulcers, infections to many other health problems.

  1. Have a short breath

It is normal to feel shortness of breath after physical activity, severe exertion, sudden changes in temperature etc. But you need to see a doctor if you have short breath when you are not doing anything.

  1. High temperature

The temperature is usually a sign that your body is fighting with an infection. Visit the doctor if you have high temperature after three days.

  1.  Dark stool.

Due to the consumption of certain red and green fruits or vegetables, the stool can become dark, so you don’t need to worry. However, if you didn’t consume foods or drugs that change the color of the stool, and it is very red or dark you should visit a doctor.

  1. You can not quench your thirst.

If you feel thirsty all the time and you have swellings on your body, it is a sign that your kidneys are not working properly.

  1. Belching

Occasional belching after a heavy and very spicy foods or large amounts of alcohol is quite normal. However, be sure to see your doctor if you are belching every day.

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