When it comes to our health, it is very important to recognize the symptoms of certain disease.

    Liver is vital organ in your body, and the symptoms of liver disease are very easy to detect.

    Liver is one of the most important organs, because it cleanses our body from toxins. Also, it filtrates the blood from our intestines and processes and keeps nutrients which are transformed into energy.

    The detoxification process is done in 2 steps: during the first one our liver releases enzymes that make toxins less harmful for our organism, while during the second step it connects these toxins with compounds, which allows our body to expel them easier.

    Liver is very “busy” organ and it is crucial for the digestive process, which can be decelerated by the increased intake of toxins through our food or environment.

    The following symptoms occur when our liver functions slower than expected:

    • Frequent fatigue, even after minimal physical effort
    • Headaches that manifest into the eye orbit
    • Pain in the joints and muscles
    • Excessive sweating, because the body expels toxins which aren’t processed by the liver
    • Skin problems like eczema due to accumulation of toxic compounds which aren’t processed by the liver
    • Frequent allergies which are result of accumulated toxins in the organism
    • Constipation or diarrhea, followed by stomachache and bloating
    • Weight gain, although the person doesn’t eat properly
    • Digestive problems, especially with fatty foods
    • Bad breath
    • Hormonal imbalance because the liver cannot eliminate excess hormones
    • Poor concentration and the mental tasks require a lot of effort
    • Depression, although the person hasn’t been exposed to trauma or stressful situations
    • Anxiety, because the person can feel something bad could happen

    These symptoms can manifest as a result of other diseases as well. In order to eliminate the liver problems, you should visit your doctor, and have a healthy diet every day.

    You will detoxify your liver by eating fruits and vegetables, olive oil, fish and vegetable and meat proteins. These ingredients will help you to regenerate and improve your liver since they do not contain high concentration of toxins. You should avoid alcohol and caffeine if you like to protect you liver.

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