Black or rye bread is very popular among the population that cares about their health and diet.

    This type of bread is rich in fiber, vitamins B and E, selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and other valuable minerals. Even when eaten in small amount it gives feeling of satiety for longer period of time.

    Also, the black bread keeps its taste better than the white bread and stays soft and nice for longer as well. It is useful to know that the black bread contains much less bad cholesterol than the white one and is recommended for the patients who suffer from heart disease. The fibers contribute to reducing blood sugar levels which means that it is recommended for the diabetics.

    It is very important to know if the black bread is really “black” which is made of whole grains or its color is a result of the caramel, or something trickier that shouldn’t be contained in the bread.

    Anonymous baker who is familiar with the methods of coloring bread, described that the bakeries are adding many different ingredients in order to make the bread black, including coffee, cocoa, artificial colors and wine. The bakeries are using various methods with one simple goal, to save and earn more money.

    But, not all bakeries are doing this. Only the bread that contains at least 30% rye flour is considered as black bread.

    The quality of gluten contained in black bread is poor (which is healthy). This prevents the water to evaporate during the baking. This is why the black bread has dense structure.

    The gluten in white bread is far more quality which results with loose and airy structure. This type of bread should be avoided, especially the people who are ill or are sensitive to gluten.

    We can conclude that the black bread cannot be loose or airy!

    How to recognize the real rye bread?

    • Take one slice of the black bread and put it in water. If the bread turns white and the water darkens, then you will know that this bread is colored.
    • Rye bread is hard, compacted and has higher level of moisture than the white bread
    • There is no way for rye bread to be airy or elastic
    • The middle part of rye bread has deeper pores and lower volume
    • Rye bread smells differently than the white bread

    In order to be sure, you can prepare your own homemade black bread!

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