I bet you are thinking of healthy and firm bones when calcium is mentioned. And you are not far from the truth, but calcium has many others functions in the organism, like signal transporter to the nervous system, blood coagulation, enzyme regulation, blood pressure regulation, etc. It also maximizes the effect of some vitamins, and is also very beneficial for removal of some heavy metals like lead. Therefore, milk and dairy products are recommended, but also and dark green plants like spinach.


    Usually, the people are recommended to reduce the intake of sodium. It is important to understand that increased intake of sodium is not good for our body, but we have to understand that we mustn’t stop consuming this mineral. Some of the most important functions of sodium are that it maintains the water balance in our body, signals between the nerve cells and allowing muscle contraction and relaxation.


    Though we rarely hear about this mineral, it is one of the crucial factors when it comes to converting food into energy. It is very important when it comes to maintaining pH balance in our body, since improper pH balance disrupts the basic processes in our organism. Its concentration is carefully regulated by the kidneys.


    This electrolyte just like the sodium has important role in regulation of the liquids in our organism, but also their transportation as well. It acts like neurotransmitter, and is related with the prevention of kidney stones. Lack of potassium may cause hypertension. Bananas and tomatoes are the richest sources of potassium.


    Part of every cell, crucial component in DNA formation and every cell membrane. Beside this, just like the calcium it is very important for the health of our bones and teeth. There is a rule for phosphorus – stick to protein and calcium food, and your phosphorus levels will be at satisfactory level.


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