The 3 keys to break free of anger and reactions

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Anger makes us blind ourselves, makes the thought is harmed and always act on impulse.It is true that others seek not make us angry, hurt or affect.

Anger affects us personally and emotionally, we must analyze situations well and we must recognize well the factors that do not need our well-being and energy.

It is good to have a clear mind, and knowing that the other person does not always have evil intentions and of course will not act as we usually expect. You need to stay calm for our benefit, it is good to manage anger, follow these councils.

The 3 keys to break free of anger and reactions

Challenge the thought:

Q If you think he is attacking, doubts this, and analyze how people have good reason to do so, and seek an explanation for this situation. (It may not be an attack, perhaps it behaves like all but not that I want to feel bad).


Things start to get better or worse, depending on what comes.

If you do not like the person converses work if you know someone who all he does is criticize and you do not like “stay away”. It is good to anticipate situations that you know you can not drive or just take your nerves.

Think the other is someone else: the other person may be known very thoroughly, perhaps may be going through a very bad time, no one can read minds.

The other person thinks very different, feel different and think differently. It may even have problems to express themselves, before reacting. We must ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

Feel compassion:

This is another way to empathize anger is through compassion, the person who does not smile, the person who is very sensitive is going through a very delicate moment before reacting in an excessive way, decide away from the situation, and You do not waste your energy in conflicts that are not needed, because you might get cross with someone like you, when you have an impulse acts without thinking much about the consequences.

Keep checking this is also a very good way to keep control of this situation.

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