Tests Show Most Store-Bought Honey ISN’T Honey

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This man wants to share his story about his experience with honey. When he was 4 or 5 he was consuming bread and honey 3 times a day.

The question is why his parents didn’t have problem with that? Well they probably weren’t well informed about nutrition and they were probably thinking that honey is extremely healthy and cannot harm their son.

Tests Show Most Store-Bought Honey ISN’T Honey

And they were right as honey is powerful food because it is:

  • Antibacterial
  • Provides lots of energy
  • Helps with sleep
  • Antifungal
  • Fights infections
  • Helps with allergies
  • Full of antioxidants

His parents also thought that the honey he was consuming was nutritious, real and healthy. This is because they lived in Hungary, a well- known country for its high- quality honey and when he was a child there were no fake alternatives in the stores.

This unfortunately is not the case with the honey produced in USA or in the other Western countries as well.

The devastating news is that most of the honey sold in USA is NOT HONEY AT ALL


The honey produced and sold in supermarkets doesn’t contain pollen. It is usually processed and produced in China. Honey without pollen is not honey! It is a watery, sweet and sticky substance!
Fake filtering is the process used for producing fake honey: they heat the honey, then water it down and at the end the honey goes through small filters when they remove the pollen.

A few years ago, a dangerous Indian honey was found in some grocery stores in USA. It contained heavy metals and antibiotics for which it was previously banned in Europe. This honey didn’t have pollen as well.

To prevent the production of fake honey the Food Safety News tested the honey sold all over USA and the investigation was conducted through 10 states. 60 jars of different honey were collected.

The test results were SHOCKING!

  • 100% of honey collected at pharmacies had all pollen removed.
  • 76% of honey collected at supermarkets had all pollen removed.
  • 77% of honey collected at big box stores had all pollen removed.
  • 100% of small, individual packs of honey collected at fast food restaurants had all pollen removed.

BUT: 100% of honey collected at farmer’s markets, natural grocery stores and co-ops had pollen and was real, quality honey.

How to recognize the real honey?

Try to buy the honey at farmer’s market from local beekeeper. The second option is to buy it at your local natural health food store or co-op. If you buy the honey at regular supermarkets, always check the labels to make sure where the honey is coming from.

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