Strange but Effective! Try Dying Your Hair With COFFEE!

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If you dye your hair, you may have problems with split ends, lifeless appearance, damaged and hair loss. Girls and women however, who dye their hair with darker shades often have problems with losing their hair color which fades. Rather than trying to find more efficient color, listen to our advice and instead of hair colors, dye your hair with COFFEE! Although using coffee instead of hair color may sound strange, be brave and try the treatment and you won’t regret it.

Strange but Effective! Try Dying Your Hair With COFFEE!

Coffee has strong pigmentation, and is also quite healthy. In addition, you will stop applying ammonia and other harmful chemicals found in hair colors, color shampoos and various other hair products. See the instructions and make sure that this is the safest and healthiest way to dye your hair.

  • 3-4 teaspoons freshly ground coffee
  • 1/2 cup hair balm or yogurt

Preparation and use:

In a bowl add the balm and coffee and stir until you get a compound mixture. Then apply the mixture on the hair using your fingers or a brush. Apply everywhere – from the roots to the ends. Make a bun, place it in a plastic bag, wrap it in a towel and wait an hour.

Then wash your hair with warm water, but do not use shampoo. So, wash it with water. Wash until the brown traces are gone. Then dry the hair and you will see how beautiful and shiny it is!

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