Stop Snoring immediately massaging these oils shoulder and neck!

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Snoring can be very annoying especially if the bed is shared with someone, because most likely not rest well and not let him sleep, but can also affect the sleep of the snorer.

The sound of snoring occurs when there is an obstruction to the passage of air through the mouth and nose and occurs most often when sleeping mouth above.

The causes of snoring are several among which include obesity, age, alcohol consumption, snuff, having clogged nasal passages, dehydration or sleep apnea among others.

Just as there are some tips that can help reduce snoring and avoid alcohol, avoid sleeping on your back, lose weight if you are overweight or others, there is a very simple and effective natural remedy to prevent snoring so you can sleep well the night.

The natural remedy that we recommend today to eliminate snoring is through the use of essential oils, which are effective according to a study for the treatment of snoring.

This remedy based on essential oils contain essential oil marjoram has analgesic, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and expectorant, so it is a good remedy for the treatment of many respiratory problems properties as well as other oils like lavender It promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety.

For the preparation of this anti-snoring remedy you need:

-8 Drops of lavender essential oil.

-4 Drops of essential oil of marjoram.

-3 Drops of essential oil of lemon.

-¼ Cup bearer to his election as jojoba oil.


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