Squeeze A Grapefruit For Lean Body


    As the temperatures go low our body gains weight, but you can prevent this with the help of grapefruit- a bitter sweet fruit that will keep you safe from the excess winter pounds…

    During a study at the University of California, analyzes have been made which have showed that the grapefruit juice maintains the body temperature. Namely, it prevents the synthesis of excess fat consumed through the diet

    Although the experimental animals ate food rich in fats, they still maintained low triglyceride levels in the blood. The grapefruit is rich in particular flavonoid known as naringenin. Naringenin stimulates the liver to burn and discard the fats instead of storing them. This is the reason why the grapefruit is common ingredient in almost every diet regime.

    The experts claim that grapefruit has stimulating effect on the metabolism by enhancing it, which is helpful for the removal of toxic substances from the organism. The dietary fibers contained in this fruit are helpful for the regulation of blood sugar levels.

    Keep in mind that the grapefruit is perfect food for you if you like to maintain healthy body weight, or if you like to lower some weight as well.


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