Sour Cream Diet: Lose Amazing 5 kg in 10 Days!

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Some diets can be really difficult, but on the other hand there are always easier diets which also give excellent results. Well, if you love sour cream, this diet will quickly become your favorite. In just 10 days you can lose 5, 6 kg without giving up many foods. But because it is a strict diet, you shouldn’t be on this diet more than 14 days.

Sour Cream Diet Lose Amazing 5 kg in 10 Days

For this diet you will need:

    • Natural sour cream – 500 grams per day
    • Fruits – 300 grams per day (avoid grapes, melon and watermelon because of the high amounts of sugar they contain)
    • Meat – 100 grams per day (chicken and turkey, with removed skin and fat, and fish as well)
    • Vegetables- up to 300 grams per day (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers …)
    • Vegetables (leafy) – up to 300 grams per day (lettuce, kale, arugula …)

Simple daily menu:

Note that the amount of sour cream that you will use in any recipe depends on you. It is important to eat 500 grams of sour cream a day, included in all meals.


  • Jelly from sour cream and raspberries
  • Cup of green tea and a glass of fresh orange juice


  • Warm herbal tea
  • Cold soup made of sour cream and cucumbers sliced in small pieces
  • 100 grams of cooked meat
  • Salad prepared with cucumbers, tomatoes and herbal spices
  • Cup of hot lemonade (without sugar)

Afternoon snack

  • Tomato with sour cream
  • If you like add a little mustard and salt in the sour cream and blend them well


  • Cup of hot herbal tea
  • Steamed green beans with sour cream
  • Cup of hot lemonade (without sugar)

The choice of permitted food is quite wide, so that is why you will not be so difficult to avoid products like cereals and sweets within 10 days. Of course, do not forget to do exercises. Each day try to exe

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