There are studies that prove that the snowdrops are improving the function of our brain. You can prepare a healing alcoholic extract with snowdrop and brandy.

    The number of snowdrops needs to correspond to the milliliters of brandy. For 500 ml of brandy you should use 50 snowdrops.

    For Treating Cold

    When treating cold in children and adults you should put 60 white snowdrop leaves into 600 ml of brandy. Store the mixture in some glass jar and close it well. This mixture should remain in some dark and cool area for 40-45 days. Then you can strain the liquid.

    Massage your back and chest with this tincture and then cover yourself with a blanket. This will cure your cold.

    For Clear Mind and Better Memory

    If you have problems with your memory and brain activity you should add 100 snowdrop leaves into 1 liter of brandy and leave them to stay for 40 days. This mixture needs to be exposed at the sun all the time.

    Once the 40 days have passed, strain the liquid and keep it in some glass bottle. Consume 1 teaspoon of the remedy every morning for 15 days straight. You can also consume 1 teaspoon of honey together with this remedy.

    Poor Vision and Fatigue

    Add 40 snowdrop leaves and blossoms into 300 ml of strong brandy and leave the mixture to stay for 20 days.

    Then you can strain the liquid. Consume 40 drops diluted in water, three times a day before having a meal.

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