Six Poisons That We Consume Every Day Without Even Knowing

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Read on and find out which are the harmful ingredients that we are consuming every day and what can you do in order to protect yourself.

Bisphenol A

It is the main ingredient in the plastic bottles, and it is also used for coating the inner part of the cans. It promotes early puberty and can also cause problems with the fertility and damage the heart. Avoid canned foods. If you are using plastic bottles, make sure you are using those marked with BPA-free.


They are contained in the plastic bags, in the cosmetic products and some gels. They disturb the hormonal balance in your body, especially the secretion of testosterone. Avoid products with artificial aromas and try to store your food in ceramic or glass containers instead of the plastic ones.


They are mostly included in the milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. They affect the function of your thyroid gland and hinder the use of iodine. Add some food rich in iodine in your diet, like seafood.


It is the greatest pollutant that can even be found in the water.

It can increase the stress hormone – cortisol, and to accumulate in the feet and cause problems in your motor functions and circulation. Eat organic food and drink filtered water.


The mercury is by-product of the heavy industry. It has been found in many fishes and seafood. It damages the pancreatic cells which is responsible for the regulation of your blood sugar levels. Don’t avoid eating fishes and seafood, but always pick the small fishes because in the small fishes the risk of contamination is much lower.

Perfluorinated chemicals

They are contained in the pizza cartons or popcorn packages made for microwave. This chemicals affect the function of your thyroid gland, and thus all the hormones in your body. Several studies found that they have negative effect on the fertility in men and women.

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