Should You Panic If Your Fingers are Swollen? Read and Find Out!

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Have you noticed that your fingers often swell?

Have you noticed that your fingers often swell and you don’t know why this happens? These are some of the main causes: check whether you need to see a doctor, or is it a problem that you can solve by yourself.

Should You Panic If Your Fingers are Swollen Read and Find Out!


Blood vessels dilate due to high temperatures and body fluids penetrate in the soft tissue thus cause swelling. This type of swelling disappears once you start working with your hands.

However, if you notice that the swelling is still there, is painful or have a weak grip – visit a doctor to check whether there is a more serious health problem.


If you consume large amounts of salt, directly from cooked foods that you have over salted then your body retains excess water, thus the swelling occurs.


When only the finger joints are swollen, then most likely you suffer from osteoarthritis. This form of arthritis causes depletion of the protective tissue at the ends of the joints.


4.Carpal tnnel syndrome

When the nerve which runs from forearm to the palm is pressed or pinched at the wrist, then this syndrome is developed and its consequences are swelling, tingling and feeling of stinging.


In the case of slow flow of the lymphatic fluid, comes to creation of Lymphedema which also causes swelling.

6.Raynaud’s disease

If you suffer from this disease the arteries constrict and thus disrupt the normal circulation which leads to feeling of coldness. The swelling occurs when patients try to get warm.

7. Pre-eclamps

This disorder is typical in pregnant women. It is characterized by exceptionally high blood pressure which may have severe consequences on mother’s and baby’s health if left untreated.

Most often it occurs in pregnant women over 40, twin or triplet pregnancy, because of excessive body weight. The seriousness of the situation can be checked by pressing with your thumb on the swollen place. If after that the trace of the thumb is visible, it’s time to visit the doctor.

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