Shocking! Do You Know How Many Minutes Can Only One Cigarette Take Away From Your Life?

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Based on data from official sources such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American services for drug abuse, mental health and for the safety of road users have calculated how much the harmful habits such as the cigarettes, alcohol and drugs can shorten your life.

Shocking! Do You Know How Many Minutes Can Only One Cigarette Take Away From Your Life

According to this study only one cigarette reduces 14 minutes from the life of the smoker, and a regular smoking of 20 cigarettes a day takes 10 year from the life of the smoker.

Also according to the calculations of this study alcoholics live 23 years less, and chronic users of cocaine 34 years less. One dose of cocaine shortens the life of the user for five hours, methadone for more than 12 and a half hours, and heroin for almost 23 hours.

This results were published on a web site and were the source of many information for people seeking help and support with addiction to drugs and alcohol. The Project Manager of thispage, Three Jake, revealed that after seeing how smoking cigarettes takes the life form that person, they wanted to get more specific information.

– We got the first inspiration when we heard stories like those that only one cigarette takes 10 minute of life. Then we asked ourselves what is the situation with drugs and used the same methodology, using statistics from several credible sources – said Jake Three and noted that the results are a good estimate for chronic users of certain substances, and are based on an average consumption and expected years of life.


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