She misses Cocacola through his hair; You should see the results after it!

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As you know Coca-Cola, a popular soft drink, it can be used for a lot of things in our home because it is effective to remove rust, clean the grease from clothes, clean the pots and pans or remove oxide the bathtub among other utilities.

Among the uses that can be given to this sugary drink a technique that has become popular that is the use of coke as hair product adds.

This unusual technique of washing hair cokes, according to people who use it say it is a simple and effective way to add volume and texture to hair.

The explanation of this beauty trick used by many women, funnily enough, it may be because Coke contains phosphoric acid and a very low pH when in contact with the hair causes the cuticle to contract causing filaments soften hair and hair waves are defined. It is also believed that sugar contains the coke gives a bulkier appearance to hair because it makes tense and makes it look stronger.

People who have tried this technique to give hair volume ensure that its effects are striking and coca-cola adds volume to straight hair and redefines the waves if you have curly hair, it adds shine to the hair and gives a strengthened aspect.


If you want to try this unconventional and interesting method for hair and check their effects we explain how:

Apply on hair soaking soda completely and let stand for 5 or 10 minutes.

Then rinse with water and dry.

Another option is to wash your hair as usual and then apply the coke, leave on and rinse with water.

This beauty trick was revealed by the model Suki Waterhouse and has really caused a furor.

Do you dare to try?

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