She Is One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World, Thanks to a Product YOU ALREADY HAVE AT HOME

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Men are crazy about her, while women envy her because she is one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses.

Although many think that Eva Mendes uses expensive cosmetics to nourish her skin, the actress revealed that she actually uses one ingredient to keep her appearance fresh and youthful – COCONUT OIL.

Eva, who’s been a strong supporter of natural skin care for years, always resorts to natural recipes for perfect skin that she finds in her kitchen, rather than pharmacies.

She Is One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World, Thanks to a Product YOU ALREADY HAVE AT HOME

She said coconut oil was her favorite because it supports healthy weight loss while effectively moisturizing your skin.

One of her bedtime rituals is rubbing her body with cold-pressed coconut oil instead of expensive creams.

A lot of beauty experts agree that coconut oil can perfectly replace many expensive cosmetic products which are laden with chemicals.

Unprocessed organic coconut oil is perfect when used as a massage and body lotion, moisturizing exfoliator, facial cleanser and makeup remover as well as hair-nourishing conditioner.

Coconut oil refreshes dry and tired skin almost instantly, because unlike other oils, coconut oil is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin.

If you want to provide your face with the proper care it needs for a flawless look, start by making a nourishing face mask by mixing one teaspoon of salt and one tablespoon of Greek yogurt. Apply this on your face and leave it to act for ten minutes. Rinse it off thoroughly and dry your face with a towel. In the end, apply some cold-pressed coconut oil massaging your face gently so that it gets absorbed more easily.

Your skin will start to glow almost instantly!

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