Say goodbye to high levels of cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Triglycerides and Lipids!

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Through a blood test can determine the function of organs or disease and among the major blood parameters are blood cholesterol, urea, blood glucose, lipids and triglycerides.

In the blood levels of chemicals that can be high, low or normal indicating if something goes wrong in our body are obtained.

Thus, for example high glucose levels may indicate diabetes, urea determines the function of the kidneys, high cholesterol can cause heart disease as the triglyceride levels.

High levels of these 5 main parameters are a hazard to health because they are risk factors for many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, which are among some of the leading causes of death.

To lower cholesterol, urea, blood glucose, lipids and triglycerides, there is a simple natural remedy that appears to be highly effective and very good results in just one month.

If blood by analyzing its parameters are fired and are in a high range, try this remedy that we detail to stabilize their levels to normal parameters.



Pumpkin and just need some water for preparation.

Cut a pumpkin into pieces (100 grams are needed) and blend with a little water until a smooth mixture.

Take this mixture 15 or 20 minutes before breakfast.

You should take this drink pumpkin every day for 1 month.

This drink helps to cleanse and purify the blood because the pumpkin contains a low molecular weight solvent that cleans the blood channels and eliminated through the urine.

Follow this treatment for a month and check the results by analyzing blood, you will be amazed how after a month parameters return to normal.

This treatment has no contraindications, so it can be used safely.

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