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Recent study reveals: Meditation relieves pain before Morphine


What is best for your body, meditation or exercise?

At first, it seems an obvious choice, since exercise can strengthen our muscles, bones and heart and has been shown to promote the production of oxytocin and other chemicals that make us feel good.

While meditation is something like a fad, something that is totally wrong.
“Meditation is stronger than morphine”

A study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which perform meditation may be the best treatment for chronic back pain and it works better than other regular exercises.

According to previous studies linking meditation serves to achieve a stronger immune system, strengthening the lungs, claiming safely, that meditation can be “stronger than morphine” when pain relief.

One respondent also mentioned the effects of meditation on the parasympathetic nervous system, improve sleep quality and even improving athletic performance.

However, the article also cites researchers who are less enthusiastic, stating that “programs mindfulness meditation have some moderate evidence of improved anxiety, depression and pain, and on the evidence of improvement stress / anxiety and related quality of life mental health. ”

“According to scientific studies it has found that perform meditation has a profound physiological effect on the individual practitioner.

Meditation can relax deeply, fill you with more energy and is generally a refreshing experience.

These physiological effects of relaxation can be measured in terms of increased oxygen intake and decreased heart rate.

Most of the physical benefits associated with deep relaxation and attention come as a byproduct of mild mental stress.

I would not make a comparison between meditation and exercise. Meditation can not replace a half hour of exercise and is very different from physical training.

It is preferable to say that we must have time for physical exercise and / or mental techniques.



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