Read About 12 Important Reasons Why You Need To Take Your Bike Out from the Garage!

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For this alternative vehicle on two wheels goes the well-known saying – You can never forget how to ride a bike

Apart from being an excellent cardio exercise, it burns calories and quickly takes you to the desired destination. Cycling is a very fun activity that will make you really happy. Warm summer days are ideal for cycling and you can do it individually or in company.

Read About 12 Important Reasons Why You Need To Take Your Bike Out from the Garage!

In addition, read a few additional reasons why it is desirable to take your bike out from the garage and start using it more often.

1.Burn calories and tones your legs

Cycling is a great way to burn a lot of calories without extreme physical effort. Your weight, the resistance setting of your bicycle, speed of pedaling, as well as the path you have chosen, affect the number of calories burned while cycling.

Example: with one-hour normal cycling a person with 55 kg can burn 220 calories.

In same time you tone your legs and hips, and with proper seating on the bicycle, abdominal muscles are activated. Cycling strengthens your back and with standing up occasionally and turning the pedals you will be able to easily tone your butt.

2.Relieves stress

Everyday worries and problems are exhausting and increase the stress level as well. Your mind and body feel it too. Do yourself a favor, take your bike and start riding it, because it has therapeutic effect. By going out into nature and in fresh air you will feel instant relief and improve your condition.

The more you enjoy during physical activity, the sooner you will get rid of stress. Turning pedals is similar as a meditation. Concentrate on proper and energetic turnings and block all negative thoughts. The bike really works as a magical eraser of stress and anxiety.

3.Controls the appetite

A survey conducted at the University of Surrey found that cycling can help in controlling the appetite. This exercise will tame the desire for more food.

In fact, persons who participated in the study had the same usual breakfast, and then were divided into two groups. While one stayed to rest, others went cycling. It was found that only 60 minute riding a bike is sufficient to activate hormones that reduce the feeling of hunger, which results in consuming significantly less food and calories.

4.It increases energy and feeling of happiness

Only 30 minutes cycling a day is needed to boost your energy without additional supplements to which you are accustomed to, as huge amounts of coffee. You are mistaken if you believe that physical activity will make you exhausted. It actually stimulates you and gives you more energy to survive your day.

Like any other physical activity, cycling makes you feel happy, because the “happy hormones” are released- serotonin and dopamine, which help you stay happy and motivated.

5.Protects the heart

It has been proven that cycling reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. This fun physical activity will reduce the risk of various diseases such as heart complications, type 2 diabetes or cancer. Regulates blood pressure and significantly reduces the chances of a heart attack.

Cycling is a complete “exercise” for your heart, blood vessels and lungs.

6.Keeps your joints healthy

Cycling is a cardiovascular activity that reduces friction and load on joints, unlike physical activities like aerobics or running. The chances of injury are minimal; given the fact that even ordinary walk activates the knees more. If you have problems with your knees, do not doubt that cycling is the right solution for you.

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