React Before It’s Too Late: If You See This In Your Child’s Eye, Go To a Doctor Immediately!

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According to one study, surprising 48% of parents have noticed this in their children’s photos. But, most of them thought it was just a blurry photo. Unfortunately, it’s something much more serious; in fact it is a matter of life and death.

This article will help you to discover these life-threatening symptoms in children on time. When the aunt of this three-year-old boy looked at his photo, she noticed something strange. She actually noticed that something was wrong with his eyes. There was a strange gleam in the boy’s right pupil.

React Before It's Too Late If You See This In Your Child’s Eye, Go To a Doctor Immediately!

At first the child’s mother thought it was just a blurry image, but the aunt insisted on visiting an ophthalmologist.

The doctor diagnosed a devastating disease – the boy had retinoblastoma in both eyes. After four months of chemotherapy, the tumor in his right eye decreased as well as the smaller tumor in his left eye. Thanks to his aunt, his life was saved. But he will remain blind in his right eye.
Fortunately, each of us can make this simple test and find out if you or your close ones are suffering from a serious health condition.

Take some flash photographs. If you notice any of these signs, immediately go to an ophthalmologist:

-if one pupil is white and the other red

-if one pupil is red and the other black

-if the pupils are in different color

Every parent needs to know this because this can actually save your child’s life. Share this post with your friends as you may save someone’s life!

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