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Scientists have discovered that this not so familiar plant with a bizarre name is really amazing cancer killer. The plant was tested on mice which had pancreatic cancer. In just 40 days the cancer was completely gone.

Scientists who conveyed this survey now hope to collect more money to make research on people.

The plant which is known as “thunder god vine” or “lei gong teng”, is used in the Chinese medicine for many years to treat a number of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Miraculous Chinese Plant which Kills Cancer Cells within 40 Days!

According to the latest research from the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center, with the usage of this plant, after 40 days the body does not show any signs of tumor – even after the treatment. Research on this miracle herb, as it is called, is promoted in the journal Science Translational Medicine
Scientists believe that this plant is so effective because it contains a large amount of triptolide, which in the previous studies is proven to be an ingredient – fighter against cancer.

Scientists claim that the cure against cancer is hidden in  herbs that are known for years, but like ginger and this new discovery is free compared to expensive and dangerous drugs against cancer, and companies have no interest to invest in these types of studies.

But even though this plant is really cheap, there are some scientists involved in the research, who are trying to make a cure from this plant which will be approved by the FDA, but in this way the drug will be patented and sold for a large sum of money.


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