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Having straight hair is one of the hottest trends in women’s hair beauty and has become the greatest desire of those women who for genetic reasons have wavy or curly it.

The problem is that this appearance of flabby looking, strong and long hair, have undergone various chemical processes and heat applications, where the negative effects are felt over time, causing dryness, thinning and hair loss.

To repair such damage, they wear treatments that nourish it in depth. There are several natural alternatives that will help straighten hair without causing harmful effects such as.

natural masks hair straightening providing nutrients that strengthen:

Mask egg and olive oil:

-Batir 2 eggs and add 1 tablespoon olive oil.

-Get A homogeneous mixture.

-Apply On the hair massaging gently.

Leave him act 1 hour or until dry.

-Enjuagar With warm water.

-Repeat Application 2 times a week.

Milk and banana mask.

-Moler 2 ripe bananas until a thick paste.

-Add ½ cup milk and mix again until creamy.

-Apply Damp hair.

-Let Act 30 minutes.

Then rinse.

-Repeat Treatment 3 times a week.

Coconut mask:

-Licuar ½ fresh coconut, 1 tablespoon ground oats and ½ cup of milk.

-Pasarlo Sieve.

-Bring To a boil and add 1 tablespoon of starch diluted in a little water.

When I have a creamy consistency, remove from heat and let stand.

Apply enough throughout the hair.

-cover With a cap.

-Let Act 25 minutes.

Then rinse.


-Batir An egg white until foamy, add ½ cup yogurt and ¼ cup mayonnaise.

-Apply Mask to wet hair and massage.

• Cover with a shower cap.

-Let Act for 30 minutes.

-Wash Normally and rinse with cold water.


-Make Boil 1 cup of beer in a skillet over medium heat until half.

-Let cool.

-Mix With 1 cup of regular shampoo.

-Wash Your hair with this shampoo.

These home remedies will give excellent results with patience and using them regularly.

You must condition your hair after washing in order to control and relax or straighten curls.

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