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I am the third in a family of 8 siblings and grew while I was realizing how different each person’s body.

Some people are lucky enough to lose weight faster than you earn and I also realized that there were people sickened more than others.

In my case, my weight and my health was quite unstable. Since then, I’m doing a diet and lifestyle that suits me and not her.

There are a lot of different diets to choose from, as the vegan diet, the Mediterranean diet, protein diet, etc.

But have you heard about the blood type diet?

According to naturopathic physician Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo believes that a lifestyle and diet is the type of blood of each person.

The theory

Dr. D’Adamo believes that our ideal diets are intrinsically linked to our blood types. These diets are based on the genetic characteristics of our ancestors and what they ate.

Blood type A

Known as the “land”, people who have this blood type they are suitable for carrying a vegetarian, organic and fresh foods diet. Avoid red meat completely.

This is because people with type A blood tend to suffer heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Exercises such as walking, yoga, etc., are ideal for these people.

Blood type B

Known as the ‘nomadic’ blood type B have robust immune and digestive systems. An optimal diet can include vegetables, most meats and some dairy products.

Avoid wheat, corn, lentils and tomatoes.

People with blood type B should be performed moderate exercise, such as walking, cycling, tennis and swimming.

Blood type AB

Known as the ‘enigma’, people with blood type AB take their optimal diet of both blood types, A and B.

This diet includes seafood, beans and eggs.

Perform a combination of exercises of the type A and B, it is ideal.

Blood Type O

Known as the ‘hunter’, the optimal diet O-types “focuses on animal proteins. It has similarities to the paleo diet and limiting grains and dairy products.

People with this blood type should perform intense exercise.

These include running, aerobics and contact sports.

The science behind it

Given how different are each of us, it makes sense that our genetic differences can affect what is good and bad for our body.

One of the central claims of the blood type diet is that lectins, one present in the food we eat protein, are attracted to certain types of blood.

Some studies have found that some food lectins can cause red blood cells to clump together, blocking his good circulation.

Other research has found that specific blood types are more susceptible to certain diseases.

This puts some truth in the claim that blood types can be key factor in our health.

Dr. D’Adamo also says it is very important to eliminate refined sugars that are common in the typical American diet.

Also advocates include exercise into our daily routine.

Studies have shown that while Americans have been doing more exercise in recent years, obesity in the population continues to rise steadily.

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