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The shower is one of the routines we do every day, either in the morning when we wake up or evening after getting home after work, but has stopped to think when is best time to shower?

The answer to this question is not unique, since it depends heavily on the personal circumstances of each person, however there are some benefits and advantages of the shower on those two specific times of the day.

It should be noted that it should not exceed daily take many showers as bathing too removes the protective barriers that exist in the skin and being more vulnerable to attack by microorganisms such as bacteria.

The shower, as well removes impurities and dirt from the body and refresh and relax, also offers a number of advantages as you detail.

Advantages take shower in the morning:

-help To clear the mind and body.

-Increase The bloodstream.

-Promotes If you have oily skin and showering in the morning revitalizes and cleans pores and finish the shower with cold water closes the pores.

Relieves muscle tension. A hot shower in the morning helps with stiffness of the neck muscles and shoulders.

-if Perspire a lot at night the morning shower is better.


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