It’s Foolish to Pretend You Can Fool Mother Nature: Butter is Better!

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According to scientific evidence back in 60’s and 70’s, butter is better than margarine for your health. Anyway, the fake, chemically tied, processed food industry, together with its partner scrap science brutally urged millions Americans that the margarine was healthier than butter. They have preached that saturated fats will make you fat and sick, making them the greatest factor in appearing of cardiovascular diseases. Is this true?


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When we feed rats with high doses of fat and cholesterol, their body does not produce atherosclerotic lesions in them.

Although it turns out that people who have high level of saturated fats in their diets, are the safest ones from heart disease.

Julia Child once said – “Enjoy eating saturated fats, they are good for you!”

Americans were fooled by the processed food industrial complex and the lame-stream media, whether the margarine, which is highly synthetic, made from cheap refined oils is better than real butter from grass feed cows.

Butter has better taste than margarine, also it’s been used by the humans for eating and cooking for centuries.
Fake Fat Damage

In part hydrogenated fatty acids which are contained in margarine are damaging arteries and blood vessels. Decreasing good cholesterol and increasing blood levels of triglycerides and lipoproteins, which is causing cardiovascular damage. The will increase C-reactive protein, which is inflammatory and cellular dysfunction marker. Even worse they withhold the utilization of fundamental omega 3- fatty acids as well a prostaglandins, which are eliminating blood clots. Also this diet of hydrogenated fatty acids can cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Your heart, lungs, immune system live, bones, hormones and cell membranes, they all need high quality saturated fats in order to work well. In order for healthy cell membranes, hormone and vitamin D production, and the transport and exploiting of important vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and cholesterol are required. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, even low levels of trans fats consumption (1%-2%) substantially are increasing heart disease.

Many people realized that the trans fat contained in margarine is vegetable shortening, and partly hydrogenated vegetable oils which are the true villain, and are the main factor for health problems. Apart this scientific evidence, the most recent food chart by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture ) recommends diminishing saturated fats intake to 7% of caloric consummation-down from its previous recommended 10%.

Five Solid Reasons to Eat Real Butter

  1. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid )- Organic butter contains anti-tumor CLA, which disallows the progressing of cancer cells in the skin, colon, breasts and lungs. It boosts muscle growth while preventing weight gain, and is anti-fungal.
  2. Butyric Acid-there is 4% of butyric acid in butter. It’s short chain fatty acid that according to research disallows tumors, and also signals the immune system if infection has appeared.
  3. Vitamin K2- this vitamin is needful in vitamin D synthesis. Vitamin K2 also dislodges calcium from the bloodstream and ushers it into bone cells which will increase bone density, instead of calcifying arterial and heart tissue.
  4. Fat soluble Vitamins-Vitamins A, D and E are contained in butter, and are also transported with its help into their assimilation.
  5. The Wulzen Factor- Unpasteurized butter, cream and milk contain the Wulzen factor which is anti-rigid agent. It’s good against calcification of the joints and cataracts as well, and calcification of the pineal gland. Pasteurization kills the Wulzen Factor.

Organic, raw butter will not make you fat if you are consuming it wisely, based on your nutritional needs, current health status and type of body. As a matter of fact, the short chain fatty acid (SCFA) and the medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) will not be stored as a fat, but will easily be used as energy.

What should you be looking for? The Butter pyramid:

  • Organic butter which is made with raw milk from pastured, grass fed cows is at the top of the pyramid
  • Organic butter which is made from pasteurized milk from grass fed cows without rBGH, rBST or antibiotics is at the medium of the pyramid.
  • Butter made from pasteurized milk from grain fed, factory farmed, antibiotic and possibly rBGH or rBST injected cows.


Keep in mind that the butter from the bottom of the pyramid is surely better for you than the margarine. Margarine is unnatural, lab-created food, which is cheap to make, lacks nutritional merit and pretty unhealthy. Margarine has a longer shelve life, and is more payable than the butter.

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