It has white skin cysts or Milia? Learn how to remove them safely

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Is called Milia, a small group of white solid with abundant keratin cysts formed under the skin, that appear when the keratin accumulates below the surface.

Keratin is a protein found in the tissues of dermal cells, hair and nails. These cysts are easy to spot since they appear as pimples.

This skin problem usually occurs in newborns, but usually occurs in people of any age and tend to disappear in a few weeks.

These white or milia cysts usually measure between 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter and appear in the eyes, nose and cheeks, but also they appear in other parts of the body.

We give to know three methods are simple:

1. Push a blackhead extractor milia out through a small opening in the skin. When it is leaning a little end of milia you must use pliers to bring her out. Then ends with your daily cleaning.

2. You must use a blackhead extractor, a sharp needle and tweezers tip.

You must clean the face with a soft cloth or a cleaning brush.
Rinse with warm water.

Before you start to remove milia, you should make sure your skin is completely dry.

To prevent any kind of infection, you should rub the clamps, needle and blackhead extractor with alcohol.

3. With the tweezers or needle, you must carefully open a small hole in the skin at the top of the milia or side. So you have enough space to play the cyst and remove milia

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