It ends with insomnia and eliminates the urge to smoke with this little flower

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It is known as passionflower, Passiflora or passion flower.

Passion flower grows in tropical America. It has chemicals and have a calming effect and induces sleep, also relieves muscle spasms.

In the United States it was approved to be used as a natural sedative. This plant is in natural products, used as a soothing and calming for its sedative effects.

It is also used in beverages and foods as flavorings. Passionflower tea is helpful to relax in stressful situations before an exam or a job interview.

It is also effective for insomnia, abstinence is for people trying to leave the snuff, any drugs or alcohol.

Is analgesic as it helps soothe, liver, muscle pain, headache, etc.

It is antispasmodic, anxiolytic, hypnotic soft, mild tranquilizer.

This plant is recommended for children and adolescents in times of examination, keeping calm and allow to study and pass the examinations without the stress and anxiety that causes them.


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