Insulin and Breast Cancer

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Unfortunately, the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer is increasing year by year. On top of that, modern science has still not found a way to cure breast cancer. The only thing that each woman can do is to eliminate or reduce the risk factors. When we talk about risk factors of breast cancer, people usually don’t think about insulin. However, a recent study conducted by a medical college in New York City has shown that higher insulin levels (higher than the recommended level) act as serious risk factor for the emergence of breast cancer (1).

The study involved blood samples taken from 835 women that were already dealing with breast cancer and comparing the results from these tests with the blood analysis of about 800 women who were healthy and didn’t show any signs of breast cancer. All these women have passed menopause and they were not suffering from type 2 diabetes.

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The study determined that participants who have the highest level of insulin in their blood have 50% more chances to develop breast cancer compared to those who have the lowest level of insulin. In addition, the team of scientists has found that the link between insulin levels and breast cancer depends on whether the participants were having hormonal therapy. Those who have not taken any hormones have higher risk of developing cancer related to increased insulin levels.

Besides that, women who didn’t take any hormones and had BMI (Body Mass Index) of around 30 (obese women), has twice more chances of developing breast cancer compared to participants that had a normal BMI (between 18 and 25).

It was also determined that participants that had highest level of estrogen in the blood has about 60% more chances of developing breast cancer compared to those who has lowest level of this hormone. So, what can we do about this?

Scientists advise following a weight loss program and becoming more physically active. They can also use some pharmaceutical drugs to lower insulin and estrogen levels, but it would better to do this in a natural way. If you are looking for a list of foods that can regulate insulin and prevent breast cancer we have prepared a short list of 3 foods that can help you.


Broccoli is loaded with chromium. This mineral is able to manage both insulin levels and blood sugar levels. According to researchers, the active ingredient found in broccoli called Sulforaphane is the main reason why this vegetable is so efficient. The best part is that you can use broccoli in many different dishes.


If you want to reduce the risk of breast cancer by regulating insulin levels, you should also try nuts. They are packed with fiber that controls the blood sugar levels after main meals. In addition, they are good for the heart and digestive system too.


Finally, you should add apples on your daily menu too. They are capable of reducing the needs for insulin in the body.

Now that you know the link between insulin levels and breast cancer, we hope that you will follow our tips.

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