In just three minutes your teeth will be whiter than ever! and it is so cheap that you will not believe

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Yellow teeth are the product of snuff and coffee, also some wines, soft drinks and teas.

In addition to foods like beets, carrots, etc. and others such as genetic factors, medications and dental treatments that make our teeth change color.

There is some toothpaste whiten teeth that in a few days, however much you brush. There is no commercially available products clarifying teeth, they contain toxic ingredients to avoid, because they cause harmful effects on our health.

Before opting for invasive treatments and surgeries that cause tooth sensitivity for life, you should try the following natural method that does not harm and inexpensive also lightens teeth safely and effectively.

You need a toothbrush and some capsules of activated carbon.

You must do the following:

-Humedece Toothbrush with water as you normally do.

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