What do you usually choose when you need to do your eyebrows- shaving? waxing? tweezing?

If you want to shape your eyebrows, tweezing seems to be quite effective method and the results last longer. The negative side is that it can cause ingrown hail as a result of follicle braking off under the skin. After that the skin covers the pore, traps the hair and a red bump appears. A pimple can appear as well because of bacteria which can be trapped along with the hair. This happens as a result of tweezing which leaves the skin pores open and harmful elements can get into them. Also unhygienic tweezers can led to bacterial infection.

Another problem is if you over –plucked the eyebrows and they are unattractive and too thin. If you permanently damage the hair follicles which are responsible for hair growth the hair may not grow again. Try to tweeze eyebrows along their natural brow line until the new hair grows again.

The top layer of your facial skin can be burned or peeled by waxing. This can result in premature aging, wrinkle appearance and skin loosening .If you want to try something different from tweezing and skin damaging around eyes with wax you may try – threading.

Benefits of Threading

This is quite an old treatment in which only thread is used for removing hair from eyebrows and from other body parts. It may acquire some practice and what you need is a string.

This method for hair removal can be applied in men and women; it is cleaner, faster and less painful than waxing and tweezing. Threading is highly hygienic treatment without chemicals, as every time a new thread is used and this treatment doesn’t cause ingrown hairs, pigmentation and excessive redness.

Threading is also better because it slows down the hair growth because when applied constantly the hair follicle becomes weak and less thick. So in order to have perfect eyebrows this treatment will surely help, as it is done more quickly and naturally. If you want your brows more bushy and wild threading can help you to get the shape you want.

How To Thread Your Eyebrows

Take a piece of thread, but previously you may want to draw the shape you want to achieve with the help of an eyebrow pencil and you can apply also ice or cold water to make the area numb.


After cutting the string, its ends should be tied together to form a loop. Beyond the knot cut off the extra string. One part of the thread should be held with one hand and the opposite with the other.HOW-TO-THREAD-YOUR-EYEBROWS-WITHOUT-TWEEZERS-IN-5-MINUTES-OR-LESS1

The hand which doesn’t hold the knot should be twisted five to six times while the other part of the thread is held firmly(to prevent the knot from getting in the middle of the string)You should make the shape of an hour glass or infinity. The next step is to practice the opening and closing technique which resemble scissors with opening the one hand and closing the other simultaneously. The hair will be removed by the twisted, middle part of the tread.


Place your hands in a way they are away from the face and are positioned over one eyebrow. The triangle of the thread should be placed so that the hair is in the thread. Pull against the direction of the hair growth in a way you move the triangle opposed to the side of the hair growth.

Close the hand which controls the triangle around the hair and in the same time open the other hand. Check if the thread is still on the skin and rapidly make the motion on the opposite side to pull the hair out. It needs to be practiced but once you learn it you will never stop doing it.


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