How to survive a heart attack (and other tips)

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Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the United States.

Despite a heart attack (or cardiac arrest) may be preceded by various symptoms, some heart attack victims are asymptomatic until the day when they have their first heart attack.

Heart attack, symptoms and causes: A heart attack occurs when one or more coronary arteries are blocked. Over time, a coronary artery can constrict the accumulation of various substances, including cholesterol.

This condition causes the known attack.

Another cause of a heart attack is a spasm of a coronary artery. The use of snuff and illicit drugs such as cocaine, can cause a spasm that endanger life.

People generally know a chest pain or throbbing pain sudden left arm can indicate a heart problem, but many do not know that there are other signs that could mean heart problems,
So what can be done to prevent heart disease and keep it healthy?

We’ll tell you five things you can do, and that involve changes in your lifestyle.

5 changes in your lifestyle that could prevent heart attack

A healthy diet

No Smoking

Being physically active (walking, biking, exercise)
waist circumference healthy (

Moderate consumption of alcohol (10 to 30 g / day)

This study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology in September 2014, followed a group of people in a country (Sweden) for a period of 11 years.

At the end of the study, which had led to these five healthy lifestyle they reduced their risk of developing heart disease by 79%.

Another study had similar results. This persons with more than 50 countries around the world was taken. Published in 2004 in the British journal The Lancet, this study showed similar results, but also included factors related to diabetes and psychosocial factors.

The lifestyle changes that will improve the health of your heart
in these studies have shown that our lifestyle plays an important role in the future if wedevelop heart disease or might be prone to attack.

Healthy nutrition

Consuming foods high in fiber, low in trans fat, and adequate levels of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals can help your whole body is healthier, including the heart.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats help your heart keep beating for a long time.

Limit alcohol consumption

Those who limit alcohol consumption, experience the benefits of a healthy heart.

Too much alcohol can raise blood pressure and triglyceride levels, apart from adding extra calories, which can cause weight gain.

Spend cigarettes

The snuff is bad for health and for our heart. Apart from damage to other major organs such as the lungs.

If you can not stop this bad habit dry, consider using natural remedies to help you break the habit.

The factor of belly fat

People with visceral fat (fatty organs) often show fat in the abdominal area, which manifests itself as a “belly or beer barrel.” This abdominal fat is dangerous for heart health.

According to a recent study, waist circumference less than 95 cm is ideal.

Actívate physically

Incorporating physical activity into your daily life will do great things for your health and heart.

Your body was designed to be used, ie walking, bicycling more than 40 minutes a day and exercising more than one hour per week. Exercise regularly.

We stress under control (We added an extra tip)

The stress factor is also a factor that increases the risk of heart disease.

Learn to manage stress and relaxes the mind. You can try stress reduction activities, such as meditation, yoga, exercise, or participate in a hobby.

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